"I wouldn’t talk to that little fucker. Standing in a corner, smoking cigarettes, snarling at everybody - he had to go figure it out for himself."

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Got into a bit of an argument with someone who was telling me that all rock music is guitar music. This is untrue! For instance, Atomic Rooster's 1970 sorta-self-titled record features no guitar, just keys and bass and drums played by Carl Palmer of later (literally only months later) Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame. Beautiful psychedelic prog rock.


47 Days to the End

Hard Stuff was born after John Du Cann and Paul Hammond left Atomic Rooster because of the disagreements with Vincent Crane about the band’s new style direction. Since Du Cann and Hammond wanted to remain progressive and psychedelic they created Bullet that later became Hard Stuff. For their debut album Bulletproof they were in Deep Purple’s record label and they were a supporting act in Deep Purple’s tours. John Gustafson was their bassist, while Du Cann was guitarist and vocalist, and Hammond was the drummer.

Bulletproof might be classified as early Heavy Metal but for me it’s just a perfect mixture of Hard and Progressive Rock, it’s a band looking for a new style slightly influenced but one of the best bands of the 70’s (Deep Purple). Hobo is my favorite track in the album but there are few others that are essentials.


John explaining the concepts of birthdays and the sun to Sean, 1979.

“You have to be each number for a whole year, and a year is three hundred and sixty five days. That’s how long a year is, three hundred and sixty five days.”
“Oh. Well. I love you.”
“I love you too, sweetheart.” 

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